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Any person who tries to intimidate members of our community with threats or harassment is in no way my ally and is only weakening the atheist movement by silencing its voices and driving away support.
God has left no footprints on the snows of time.

Recruiting Tools for Atheists by Jamie Kilstein

h/t Butterflies and Wheels

I’m tired of being told to shut up about what I think. I am especially tired of being told to shut up about what I think by people who think I am actually right. […] My problem is with people who ostensibly do see things as I do and yet complain that I or others like me dare to say what we think. I am tired of being told by atheists not to argue about the truth of theism.

I am tired of being told by fellow evolution supporters that it’s only appropriate to criticize creationism and that it is somehow inappropriate to argue that accepting the factual dynamic of natural selection philosophically requires either outright abandoning Christian theism or, at least, drastically revising it in ways few Christians are willing to deal with.

Dan Finke, “Why I’m Not Shutting Up About Atheism”, RDFRS

Go and read the whole post (and ignore the mean-spirited commenters).

Camels With Hammers

h/t gbjames @ WEIT

We atheists, however, need to buck up, assert our rationality, and change the way we deal with the religious, with everyday affronts delivered (at times unknowingly) by believers, with the casual presumptions that historically have tended to favor the faithful and grant them unmerited respect. A lot is at stake. Religion is a serious matter, reaching far beyond the pale of individual conscience and sometimes translating into violence, sexism, sexual harassment and assault, and sundry legal attempts to restrict a woman’s right to abortion or outlaw it altogether, to say nothing of terrorism and war. Now is the time to act. Polls … show the zeitgeist in the United States is turning increasingly godless, that there are more atheists now than ever before (surely thanks in part to the efforts of the New Atheists).

Jeffrey Tayler, “15 ways atheists can stand up for rationality”, Salon

via WEIT

As for why atheists speak up against religion – it’s because it’s harmful. It’s harmful when children are left to die because of religious misconceptions and fear of things like blood transfusions and vaccines. It’s harmful when people are encouraged to rely on revelation instead of knowledge. It’s harmful when members of a technologically advanced society denounce science and hope for the end times. It’s harmful when people are psychologically abused into thinking they are sinners when they are normal human beings and it’s especially wrong when atheists who have the courage to say they do not believe and you are harassed and threatened by believers.
Diana MacPherson, comment on “Another billboard kerfuffle”, WEIT
I think the trouble with being a critical thinker or an atheist or a humanist is that you’re right. And it’s quite hard being right in the face of people who are wrong without sounding like a fuckwit. People go, ‘Do you think the vast majority of the world is wrong?’ Well, yes. I don’t know how to say that nicely, but, yes.

Tim Minchin [citation?]

Tim Minchin

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Ask a child if it’s hard to believe in Santa Claus. It’s not at all if people you trust keep telling you a lie that this being is real, and praise you and give presents when you accept their nonsense.
“clubschadenfreude”, comment on WEIT

via Pharyngula

The Digital Cuttlefish has found an excellent expression of religious thought.

That isn’t photoshopped or fudged in any way — that is the actual, complete cartoon that Ken Ham has happily encouraged everyone on the internet to share around.

It’s perfect. We ask for evidence of their god, they point to one of their own silly texts. And we really are stunned, shocked, and surprised, just like the guy in the cartoon…because we had no idea anyone could be that stupid.