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What is the Evidence for Evolution?

h/t WEIT


Informal infographic depicting evolution 

If a designer was designing us, either they’re a terrible designer or they’ve got a great sense of humour, because we’re carrying around all sorts of genes that don’t work.

Sean B. Carroll, Freethought Radio, 24 May 2008

Sean B. Carroll

It simply eludes [creationists] that science is a progressive endeavour, not handed down by rare authorities to be memorised and parroted like scripture, unchanged, untested and un-amended for centuries.
Felix, comment on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ evolution”, WEIT
Jesus and Mo : pow2

Oh, and yes, somebody really did say “Kaboom! Pow! Lights out! Party’s over!“.

Jesus and Mo : pow2

Oh, and yes, somebody really did say “Kaboom! Pow! Lights out! Party’s over!“.

When we look at the fossil record — and the genetic record, and the geological record, and the anatomical record, and every other record from every branch of science that supports the theory of evolution and investigates how it works — we don’t see any signs whatsoever of outside intervention. What we do see is exactly what we’d expect to see if evolution were an entirely natural process, proceeding one generation at a time.

Greta Christina, “Why You Can’t Reconcile God and Evolution”, AlterNet

Greta Christina

“5 [Common] Myths About Evolution” (Mashable)

h/t WEIT

… during the filming of this series I developed a deep irritation with the intellectual vacuity of those who actively seek to deny the reality of evolution and the science of biology in general. So empty is such a position, in the face of evidence collected over centuries, that it can only be politically motivated; there is not a hint of reason in it. And more than that, taking such a position closes the mind to the most wonderful story, and this is the tragedy for those who choose it, or worse, are forced into it through deficient teaching.

Prof. Brian Cox, The Wonders of Life, via “Your Cousin, the Blade of Grass: Brian Cox on the Wonders of Life

Brian Cox, The Wonders of Life

There are no transitional fossils, right?

Fish, Fishapod, Tetrapod by Maija Karala, Eurwentala on deviantART

From bottom up: Mandageria, Osteolepis, Eusthenopteron, Panderichthys, Tiktaalik, Acanthostega, Ichthyostega, Pederpes. All are known from well-preserved fossils and date from the Devonian, except for Pederpes, which is from the Early Carboniferous.

  • BANDits: Dromaeosaurs and troodontids are /OBVIOUSLY/ dinosaurs and /COMPLETELY/ unlike birds!
  • * Paleontologists find deinonychosaur fossils preserving unambiguous feathers. *
  • BANDits: Oh shit… uh… what we /MEANT/ to say is that dromaeosaurs and troodontids are /OBVIOUSLY/ birds and /COMPLETELY/ unlike dinosaurs!!