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If you believe in both science and religion, you are not doing either properly

Michael Nugent’s speech at a debate in University College Cork, on the topic “That you can believe in both science and religion.”

If you want to support the atheist secular community, please consider different priorities than trying to attack and ostracize people with whom you disagree.

Please consider channeling your passion for freedom of expression into our fight for the right of people to express their secular beliefs without being beaten or jailed or killed for blasphemy, instead of fighting for the imaginary right of the Wooly Bumblebee to call Melody Hensley a twat on YouTube without having her video flagged.

Michael Nugent, Chairperson, Atheist Ireland, “Thunderf00t’s inflammatory video of misleading personal attacks on atheist feminists is not helpful

Michael Nugent

h/t @OpheliaBenson

We promote atheism and reason over supernaturalism and superstition, and we promote an ethical and secular [society] where the [government] does not support or fund or give special treatment to any religion.

We reject religious beliefs that are silly in their claims about reality, such as intervening personal gods who answer prayers and impregnate virgins to give birth to themselves; and religious beliefs that are harmful in their corruption of human morality, from Catholic sexism and homophobia to Islamic floggings and executions for blasphemy.

We believe that society should address ethical issues based on human rights and compassion, and applying reason to empirical evidence, and not on religious doctrines; and that individual ethical decisions should where possible be made on the basis of personal autonomy and individual conscience, while not infringing on the rights of others.