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“Science contradicts religion” — Jerry Coyne; Racjonalista.tv

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A man who says, ‘If God is dead, nothing matters,’ is a spoilt child who has never looked at his fellow man with compassion.

Victor Stenger (29 January 1935 – 27 August 2014), God: The Failed Hypothesis (2007)

Victor Stenger

Pascal’s Wager fail, Could Be Worse

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You show me one step forward in the name of religion and I’ll show you a hundred retrogressions.

Frank Sinatra, interview, Playboy, February 1963

Playboy, February 1963

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The dehumanizing idea that illness is connected to sin is a common feature of religious thinking about disease and sickness in general. Periods of crisis, like this one, may empower religious leaders to speak openly about the way that their traditions understand disease, but these explanations are not the product only of such exceptional moments of crisis. They are, rather, deep, long-lived, and fundamental aspects of how religious communities think about the sick among them. Both the leaders who present Ebola and other crises as divine punishment and the commentators who attribute this perspective to human nature under stress — and thereby excuse it — are participating in the perpetuation of a dangerous and destructive mode of thinking.

Joel Baden (professor of Hebrew Bible at Yale Divinity School) and Candida Moss (professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of Notre Dame), “Ebola Is Not God’s Wrath”, Slate

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If a designer was designing us, either they’re a terrible designer or they’ve got a great sense of humour, because we’re carrying around all sorts of genes that don’t work.

Sean B. Carroll, Freethought Radio, 24 May 2008

Sean B. Carroll

Because the [religious] moderates are so nice we all are brought up with the idea that there’s something good about religious faith. That there’s something good about bringing children up to have a faith.

Which means to believe something without evidence and without the need for justifying it.

They’re entitled simply to say, “Oh, that’s my faith, I believe it, you’re not allowed to question it and you’re not allowed to ask me why I hold it.”

Once you teach people that that’s a legitimate reason for believing something then you as it were give a licence to the extremists who say, “My belief is that I’m supposed to be a suicide bomber or I’m supposed to blow up buildings – it’s my faith and you can’t question that.”

Dork Tower | “We’re #1

It simply eludes [creationists] that science is a progressive endeavour, not handed down by rare authorities to be memorised and parroted like scripture, unchanged, untested and un-amended for centuries.
Felix, comment on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ evolution”, WEIT
Jesus and Mo : pow2

Oh, and yes, somebody really did say “Kaboom! Pow! Lights out! Party’s over!“.

Jesus and Mo : pow2

Oh, and yes, somebody really did say “Kaboom! Pow! Lights out! Party’s over!“.